Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The little Kenns

If i were to detail my preliminary stage of my motherhood, it wouldn't be an easy task at all. Things just couldn't be expressed and jotted down on a piece of paper as it's certainly an extraordinary chapter in my life.

From the moment I was flattered with carrying twins and I am fully conquered by the two now, it's been really a long way. I always feel it was a right choice forgoing my career and blend with the growth of my children.

Both my boys, Eu Kenn and Jia Kenn are premmies . You wouldn't believe how small lives can be, they both weighed 1kg and 1.5kg respectively during birth. I can still remember vividly the days spent in NICU with my boys. I describe this experience as a roller-coaster ride. Boy, isn't that true! We continue to be thankful that each 'down' has been followed by an üp". This
has been especially true in the couple of months.

I took a deep breath while looking at the tiny hands, faces and legs.....phewww.......they are so complete and beautiful! Eu Kenn stayed 1.5 months in the hospital due to his low birth weight, whereareas Jia Kenn went home after 1 month stay. I couldn't wait to hold my boys in the arms and longed for their coming home. I promise myself to try all out to balloon Add Imagemy boys!!! With strong endurance and hardwork, they did grow bigger in size.

Jia Kenn was a hard boy to raise during his infancy, I was practically emotionally breakdown when taking care of Jia Kenn. There was no pacifier to his unconsolable cries in the first few months. All these had really put me off at times and I seriously couldn't handle him at all! Depression....depression and depression........In his 5th month, I got to know the most disheartening news in my life, we learnt that he is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. And the stories began here.....


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