Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Little Fighters!

Our little Jia Kenn loves swimming!! It's been couple of months since Jia Kenn started going for aquatic therapy. With strong belief in early intervention program, we have finally got Jia Kenn accepted into spastic centre to ulitise the heated pool.

After months of familiarisation, this little boy started playing with water now. I couldn't describe how playful he could get sometimes and intolerable too at times. To our consolation, he could lift up his head better in the water now. We aim to get him more flexible in the water, apparently, it's believed that warm water can break spasticity. He's still fighting for it! Take a look at the fighter's pictures!

On the other hand, Eu Kenn is gradually getting more understanding now. He likes to fight for all the toys especially when the brother is playing with it. This has added a new episode in my parenthood. See, he has won over the little car from jeh jeh! Fighter 2.

Here they are the two little fighters! Though they are growing in two different directions, I believe their hearts are always together! What else is new, they shared the same tummy before coming to this world!


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