Thursday, June 25, 2009

命里有时,终须有, 命里无时, 莫强求

The journey of my parenthood has always challenged me with guilt, pain and incredible responsibility towards my children, especially on little Jia Kenn. As I continue to support a more fruitful life for my children, that has more often left me with frustration and emotional drained. However, something has changed me in a couple of days ago.

As a spiritual path I believe in God's work and how he has chosen us to be parents of a very special child. Our life expectancy leaves many unanswered questions all the time. I always question myself about Jia Kenn's future. However, an incidence has changed my mind, my love for both my sons will only be on accumulative basis, just leave the questions be unanswered, be it favourable or otherwise. I will love Jia Kenn the way he is and I will enjoy being a dedicated mother and not to stress myself by having too many questions. Our life can be very fragile and unpredictable. I wouldn't want to plan for the unplanned but to work my best. Thanking all the medical professionals who have saved my sons , especially JK who was very critical, and brought us joy in life. Our boys complete our life.



Blogger Michelle said...

Really like this post.

We should be grateful because of their existence, the 2 Kenns do bring joy to our lives undoubtedly.

I guess I wouldn't have understood better on the parenting hardships if not because of them,
and how kids create a lively family.=) So, we all should be happy because Kenns were chosen to be part of our family.

June 29, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

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