Monday, July 27, 2009

NeuroSuit Therapy...yes or no?

We are rather undecisive on the neurosuit therapy for Jia Kenn, after much consideration in terms of costing and its reliability, hmmm...... chances are we would give it a 'GO' !

Okay okay, maybe we are desperate or frustrated, we must be re-energized and injected with more confidence to start on the new thing on him! Looking at how JK was crying over the suit and the stretches he had to encounter during the examination by the neurosuit therapist, we really want to know how amazing the suit can be though it's still not 100% catching our confidence at the moment. On the other hand, i wonder how's JK's pal doing, little Ridhwan who went for the same try-out.

Our sweet little boy is still having lots of problems with his volunteered movements, with the aid of the suit, I really look for miracles on him! Let's keep our positive energy ON and fingers crossed too!!!


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