Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do you have a choice?

Life is about choices sometimes. If you are lucky enough, you get to choose a better one, will we end up the same just like the movie 'sliding doors'? but do we always have a choice? Nope, we don't sometimes. Can we choose our parents, siblings or relatives? haha, I am lucky enough to have good ones for all.
Jia Kenn's doctor once told me that I am the one making options for him, he did't get to choose for himself. It's 'parents' who decide the son's ability, especially for special needs, he didn't get to choose at all for now! But he didn't also choose himself to be cerebral palsy in the first place?? Was he given a choice in the first place?
Anyway, in other words, my decision is very important for the growth of my children. I am just confused with the options available for JK now, with limited time allowance, I need to work out the best for him. The question is: what's the best for him? I am puzzled. Glen Doman, NeuroSuit, Chinese herbs ....etc. you name it! Everyone is telling me all sorts of things!!

I hope what we have been doing for Jia Kenn is on the right path, be persistent, tough and consistent. Have faith in ourselves :) Out of no-choice, we will make miracles!!


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