Monday, February 8, 2010


Denial is something we, as parents of a child with special needs, struggle continually at various stages. It ebbs and flows, coming in and going out like the tide waters of the ocean. It tries to give u peace of mind when you stay at denial stage.

From the point of our denial of getting him an OKU card, One of my other "denial" factors dealt with getting a wheelchair and all sorts of the handicapped' equipments. Our therapists must have recommended getting a paediatric chair back when Jia Kenn was one. They also never forget to remind you during each visit with all their ├║seful' tools. Thankfully, denial could set in for a little bit longer until he turned two. I was in denial of the fact he would ever need a WHEELCHAIR.

But, ugly truth always catches up with you. Truth has a nasty way of slapping you in the face sometimes. It keeps reminding you everyday with the difficulties he has to deal with as he grows older. e.g. scoliosis.

Special chair denial... faced and overcome. I have overcome it, I couldn't recall how did I overcome it, but we finally bought a special chair for Jia Kenn. That's still to be fully determined I suppose. As stated above, denial has a funny way of ebbing and flowing, coming and going. One day here, next day gone, only to return again in another area. 'This is the life of the parent raising a child with special needs. I have yet to overcome ''wheelchair' denial.

It's not that I'm opposed to the chair, hate it, or feel animosity against it. It's the denial. I always thought he would just eventually be able to walk. That one miraculous day, he'd be able to stand and fend for himself, even if a bit clumsy. That's still a miracle.

We will continue working with traditional and alternative therapies, always keeping our fingers crossed hoping that he shall be able to walk/stand by himself one day. Until then, we have the chair to make his life easier for the time being.

And denial will continue to find a place to harbour in our life.


Blogger Mamapinkie said...

Pui Yen dear, never give up ya! At one time I also thought Ridhwan would never be able to sit on his own, let it be walk also...but he has shown tremendous progress but with lots of work in our part...which I'm very sure you are doing ;) Take care dear and hugs and kisses to Jia Kenn ya! Ganbatte mummy!!

February 11, 2010 at 6:08 PM  

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